No Hot Water

No Hot Water ?


Thermostat or Element ?

Almost everyone has climbed into their shower one morning and found that the water is freezing cold.There are a few things that can go wrong with your geyser. No hot water can mean there is a problem with your thermostat or element!

What does a thermostat do?

A thermostat is there to control your water temperature. A thermostat will switch your element on or off when the water has reached the correct set temperature. Thermostats are normally set between 55 and 70 degrees. If your thermostat is faulty, it will not control the water temperature and not switch the element off. A faulty thermostat can cause the element to burn out and damage the geyser.

What does a element do?

It’s simple, elements heat up your water! Elements use electricity to heat up your geyser. Elements are controlled by thermostats, if your thermostat is faulty, your element won’t heat up your water! When there is no hot water, the first place we look is the thermostat and element.


If you have no hot water, contact us as soon as possible to avoid a cold shower!